A new way to conceive buildings is required to accelerate a more aggressively paradigm shift in the way our future cities self-produce energy.

Sun Robotics, a division of rawlemon™, is addressing the need for future buildings energy generating skins through the promotion of the first efficient, transparent and aesthetically designed power generator that provides full building integration. We deliver concentrating power plant design for the enviroment where we use it: in our cities.

Sbotic ltd is pushing the boundaries of solar energy conversion proving that net zero-energy buildings could be a standard tomorrow.



Sbotic ltd was established in 2014 to marketing the products of rawlemon™.
In our will to become a major stakeholder in the changes in our societies and the unavoidable paradigm shift in energy policies, Sbotic ltd. acquired the patents of rawlemon’s energy generating module ‘’SixCities’’ and ‘’MicroTrack’’ system.

The Company has been based at headquarters in London UK in 2014.